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Xtreme Northwest Bait Co. LLC is a supplier/delivery of quality salmon roe/eggs, Lamprey Eels, Herring, and sand shrimp just to name few. We specialize in Quality Fishing Baits, Bait Cure, Powdered Scents, and Attractants. We came up with the idea after many fishing trips over hearing fisherman as they unhappily shouted out they were "out of bait" and of coarse not wanting to leave there "spot"! If your a fisherman you understand! So it dawned on us, what if they don't have to leave there "spot"? So of coarse delivery came to mind for our dedicated fisherman, who just cant see leaving that river bank! That's how Xtreme Northwest Bait Co. LLC came about. The roe & sand shrimp are a natural self-sustained fishing bait source. They are of the best quality we can provide and handled with the utmost care. We use our own cure for the eggs, in which we cure ourselves, it will be available for sell in the future, we want to get it "just right"!

Plan to eventually be a Bait "and" Tackle supplier that will deliver to your home, favorite fishing spot, or the option of coming to us is also available. I will put my time and dedication to making this all for the "fisherman", and hope to be successful in making my customers happy.

I have just acquired Cure-All® Bait Products and believe it to be some of the finest bait cures on the market! I'm not going to stick my neck out too far and say it's the BEST — but I will say there's none better.

We are currently seeking distributors for our Cure-All® Bait Products — Information can be obtained on the Contact Us page.

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